This Picture

This Picture

I didn’t see this photo until it appeared on my Timehop 3 years later, on Simon’s birthday yesterday. 

Actually, someone probably showed it to me in the recovery room, but that was all a huge blur. 

I remember that when they pulled him out of my c-section stomach, he was making a bit of a wheezy noise. He cried a little, but mostly he just mean mugged everyone and made this raspy little noise. My very first thought was that he looked so pissed off. 

My second thought was that he was beautiful, but in an angry, I’m scared of my toddler right now kind of way. … CONTINUE READING

No Husband, You Cannot Complain While I Am Pregnant

I will start this post out with a disclaimer. I am not pregnant and do not plan to have any more babies. No, I am not going to try for a girl. Sorry to anyone that got excited when they read the title.

I have had discussions with many of my friends lately about how annoyed they got that their husband complained the entire time they were pregnant. Or that their husband complained once when they were pregnant. Either way, it was not cool.

It inspired me to share their stories with the world so that hopefully the wonderful men in our lives will get the point and keep their sweet little mouths shut while we prepare to bring a human being into this world.… CONTINUE READING

Oh Boy!

Oh Boy!

It's official! The Johnson family is welcoming another sweet baby boy to the mix! I will soon be...

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