Happy Thanksgiving people! In this day and age, that means it’s time to talk about Christmas. I know, I don’t like it either. I am usually the mom that waits until the very last minute to buy all Christmas presents, but I am making an effort to do a better job this year. I have a three year old so he is actually really excited and that gets me excited!

My normal Christmas mantra is minimal. My kids do not need any more toys.

So in this guide I’ve highlighted some of the hands-down classic winners, a really expensive but cool learning toy and something I use because I guess I’m just selfish. I am rating them on a “high five” scale. “No high fives” is obviously low to “five high fives” because it’s a must have.

PUJ Tub: We will just start with the one I like most because it’s my gift guide. So I got this foam plank as a baby gift a couple months ago and thought WTF is this? So I opened it and it’s a freaking tub you can put in a sink! Then you put your baby in the PUJ. I mean, so simple but freaking genius. You don’t pull your back out bending over and it’s super easy to travel with. Plus it was rated as a top product by Babylist.

Rating: I give it FIVE HIGH FIVES! You can get one here.

Kindle Fire Tablet: I always said I would never give my kid an IPad. Then he took over my husbands. It is always being dropped and is practically covered in gross toddler fingerprints. So I’m making the leap and investing in one of these kid’s Kindle Fire Tablets because you can launch the darn thing across a freeway and it won’t break. If it DOES break, they will replace it. Plus it looks cute.

Rating: I give it FOUR HIGH FIVES, simply because I said I would never buy one of these but look at me now! Check it out here. 

Teddy Ruxbin: I always wanted a Teddy Ruxbin and never got one. So just get one for your kids. Then they won’t be sad in 30 years when it is brought back and they think about how they never got one. They will thank you for it. I will thank you for it.

Rating: But it only gets THREE HIGH FIVES because it’s still slightly creepy. You can get one here.

Little Tikes Cook N Grown Kitchen: I don’t care if you have a boy or a girl, this is always a clear winner. Henry has one and freaking loves it. He will play with it for hours. He also has all of the Melissa & Doug food sets to go with it. He has more appliances in his kitchen than I have in mine. So if you want a little peace and quiet when it’s too cold to play outside, invest in this one.

Rating: I give it FIVE HIGH FIVES! You can see it here!

Fisher-Price Disney’s Jake & the Never Land Pirates, Hook’s Jolly Roger Pirate ShipAre all kids obsessed with pirates? Mine is. And just seeing this pirate ship throws him into a tizzy. So I’m having someone else buy it for him. Haha. That’s what grandparents are for right?

Rating: I give it FIVE HIGH FIVES! Check it out here.

Candy Land: What kid doesn’t like to play a little Candy Land? A true classic board game. Until my sister got mad that one year and threw the board in the fire place. Ahhh family game night. So obviously I have to buy my kids a new one because the one I used as a child no longer exists.

Rating: THREE HIGH FIVES! Only because family game night can get a little too competitive sometimes. Buy it here!

ABC Mouse: So if your kid gets too much screen time like mine, you might as well make sure that they are doing something educational. My three year old is a big fan of ABC Mouse and it keeps him entertained. It also doesn’t have ads or pop-up links which I like. It’s won a bunch of awards by teachers and all that jazz. For Black Friday you can get an annual membership for only $45. Pretty sweet deal.

Rating: I give it FIVE HIGH FIVES! Check it out here!
Get 1 year for only $45 - 63% off!

KIBO Stem Robot:So the last toy I have is on the more expensive side but it’s super cool. The nice people at KIBO sent me one of these robots to test out on my kiddo. It is supposed to be for kids age 4-7 so I let my Mom use it in her classroom. Your kid programs the robot by scanning block sequences then pressing start. The robot will go forward, backward, shake, record sounds and other really cool stuff.

Rating: THREE HIGH FIVES! It is a bit expensive but super cool. I think it would work better for an older kid and there is some direction that needs to be given but overall really neat. See it here!

So that’s it. My Christmas guide. And my disclaimer I am legally permitted to put on here – I am an affiliate for Amazon and ABC Mouse so if you do purchase an item from the link I provided, I will receive a small amount of money. Like really small. So no worries, I’m not getting rich off this.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Until Next Time,