It’s been one hell of a week. If you follow me on Facebook, you know my sweet baby boy Simon, who is only seven months old, was in the hospital for two days last week. He had bronchiolitis but is feeling much better now and acting like his sweet self. Thank goodness.

Disclaimer: When the pediatrician came in the room and told me that he was admitting Simon to the hospital, I straight up cried. Like didn’t even hold it together for my kid. Ugly cried in the monkey room at Dr. Houston’s Office. For at least 5 minutes.

On top of all that, these next couple weeks are a big transition for my family. I am starting a new job on Monday and that is always nerve racking.

So that leads me to today – Saturday. I spent the first seven hours of my day cuddling my sick baby, watching Wreck It Ralph with my three year old, doing laundry, playing superheroes where I always have to be a bad guy which I find completely unfair and unpacking from the hospital.

By the grace of sweet baby Jesus, both of my children actually laid down to take naps at the same time. That’s what I call divine intervention.

It’s baseball season so my husband was at a scrimmage. I had a long list of errands that were not 100% necessary but would be nice to get done. I texted my mom and luckily she answered my prayers and came over so I could escape.

I made my first stop at Walgreens for some cheap makeup and some “get me to grocery day” formula. I ended up with more cheap makeup than I needed that I will most likely never use, formula and a much needed bottle of ibuprofen.

I went to the checkout line and realized Reese eggs had made their appearance. Hallelujah! I snatched one of those bad boys up and knew I would be eating it the minute I got in the car.

The woman waiting in front of me at checkout was also clad in yoga pants and a sweatshirt that had either spit up or snot on it. Her hair was in a top knot and she didn’t have a stitch of makeup on.

Then I saw that she had a Reese egg on top of her pile of baby food. We had the same wallet. Hers was gold and mine is purple. I felt like I had met my soul mom friend. But I was too nervous to talk to her.

Disclaimer: This is actually kind of embarrassing now that I’m writing it. And I actually wrote this entire post while sitting at Pro Nails waiting to get my nails done.

Disclaimer: If you are judging me for leaving my sleeping kids with my mom so I can get a manicure, judge on sister. It’s been a hell of a week and I need a break.

My new soul mom friend that doesn’t know she is my new soul mom friend left and I paid for my stuff. As I was walking to my car, I saw her sitting in her car eating her Reese egg. That was when I knew we were meant to be friends. Forever. Is this creepy?

But I never said a word.

So this is my Craigslist Missed Connection shout out to you, soul mom friend. If you read this, let me know! We need to get a few beers together and complain about or lives.

Until Next Time,