These days, there are a lot of things that make me cry. I am sixteen weeks pregnant with my second child. My two-and-a-half year old, Henry, seems to be growing up way too fast.

What exactly makes me cry? Let me show you a list:

  • Anything
  • Everything
  • Commercials with puppies

That sums it up. Everything makes me cry.

I knew I was pregnant with Henry when I laid down on a Saturday morning to watch an episode of Glee on the DVR. It was the one after Cory Monteith had passed away. I literally SOBBED the entire time. Like, I could barely breathe. I was a snotty, sobbing mess. I think my eyes were swollen afterward. My husband was completely terrified of me from that moment on.

Back to the real story.

Henry has never had a haircut, until this past weekend. I started talking about cutting it this summer, but never got around to it. It was just really cute when it got wet and curled up in the back. He had a true, stereotypical Kentucky Waterfall hairstyle.

Instead I waited until my toddler resembled a Billy Ray Cyrus impersonator to text my hair lady to make an appointment. I am extremely loyal to Cara Culberson, who has done my hair for the past five or so years. She is the best and the only person I would trust to cut my precious toddler monster’s hair. Unfortunately, she came down with strep throat and had to cancel the appointment. I saw it as a sign that Henry was supposed to rock his mullet with pride for a few more months.

I scheduled another appointment a couple months later for a Saturday morning when my husband and I could both be there. I did this to find out we were actually going to be out of town that day. I had to cancel that appointment and seriously considered purchasing a Flowbee and doing it myself. I can’t put the life of my child in a stranger’s hands!



After doing some research, I found those damn things retail for $88 and it just wasn’t worth it. I decided to do something I never thought I would do. I was going to take my precious angel to a barber shop for his first haircut.

I did consider going to a Great Clips first, but then remembered the “Unwanted Bang Incident of 2008” and decided against it.

I researched and found some friends took their kids to a local barbershop for their haircuts. They all probably thought I was out of my mind because I was so worked up about a simple trim. I asked them a million questions and they all promised me none of their children were missing an ear.

So I made a decision. Henry was getting his first haircut at The Owensboro Barbershop. On Saturday morning, Henry, my husband and I all woke up ready to seize the day. We got our lives together and headed to the barbershop. I asked Henry if he was ready for a big boy haircut. He ignored me and asked to watch Mickey. This should go well.

When we walked into the barbershop, kid had a FULL ON MELTDOWN! He was sobbing like I do watching a Hallmark movie and clung to me like a baby monkey. He refused to sit down. I guess having to sit in a chair and letting a stranger hold scissors to your head can be a little intimidating.  After about thirty minutes of observation and some bribery, my little buddy got in the chair and was ready for his big boy haircut.

I sat and watched my little man and started tearing up. MY BABY IS TURNING INTO A LITTLE BOY!!! Soon he will be going to college and moving away and getting married and contributing to a retirement account.

I took a shit ton of pictures and gave the barber a great tip for being patient with my screaming toddler the first thirty minutes we were there. They handed me an envelope with a lock of his hair in it and a certificate. I made a mental note to actually start a baby book for him at some point in his life.

I handled the situation with my classic mom over-reaction skills. Please don’t ask me about this in person because I will cry. Like always.

Until Next Time,