This is where the rubber meets the road. This could be the post that makes some people really mad at me. But I have found that I write blog posts whenever something happens in my life. When something happens that gets me really fired up. This is not parenting or mom related, it’s just something I strongly believe in so I thought I’d put it out there.

Here is the deal. If you aren’t happy, do something about it. Don’t just complain, actually take a productive step towards happiness and make a change. YOU ARE NOT STUCK ANYWHERE! YOU ARE NOT A TREE! I don’t care if you are in a marriage that makes you want to claw your partner’s eyes out or that you don’t like your hair color. CHANGE IT! Your life is up to you.


I know, it’s not that simple. Every change isn’t as easy as going to the local drugstore and buying a box of hair color. It’s not as easy as switching jobs. It’s not as easy as putting yourself out there to make new friends. But nothing is easy! If life was that easy, we would all be happy and lovey-dovey and running around holding hands. You have to take a chance and believe that this is a step towards something better. BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T THINK IT WILL LEAD TO SOMETHING BETTER, IT WON’T. The Law of Attraction people.

Yes, you are allowed to cry and breakdown and be sad. That is human nature. We all need to feel sorry for ourselves sometimes. But that doesn’t mean we can hit rock bottom and freaking stay there forever. That doesn’t mean we can put on our leggings and drink a bottle of wine and stay on the couch for the rest of our life watching Netflix. Yes, you can do that for a few days, a long weekend tops. But grow some balls, get out of your sad cave and do something about it. I promise, it will change your life. You will feel strong. And in control. And HAPPY!!!

So here is the deal. I have told you all that between college and age twenty-six or so I was one big hot mess. I was making bad decisions. I can honestly say that it was the worst time of my life. I craved attention and self-worth. I wasn’t taking care of myself and was in a dark place. Somehow I managed to hold onto a good job. I was so miserable everywhere else in life that all I did was work. Because that is something I was good at. So I clung to it and I believe it was my saving grace.

One day I thought, holy shit, what the hell am I doing with my life? I am so much better than this. So I moved on. I honestly didn’t think twice. Once I realized that I was the only person physically keeping me in that place, I got out of it.

I started over. I vowed not to date anyone for at least a year and focus on fixing myself. And then one night about nine months later I was introduced to my husband Logan. And the rest is history.

My life is far from perfect. I have many imperfections. I have made and still make a lot of mistakes. But if I wouldn’t have had the balls to make the change I did, I honestly don’t know where I would be. I was so sad and so depressed.

I fell into another bad place after I had my toddler Henry. Postpartum depression is a bitch. But I took a page out of my own book. I realized I needed to make a change and I did. I started working out and eating well. And I went to my doctor and got on medicine.


I know. I am a strong supporter of getting help any way that works. If you feel like a better human because you take an antidepressant, I am happy for you. We are all different and I don’t think any of us have the right to judge another over a choice that is so personal.

So if you are reading this and think of one thing that makes you unhappy, one thing that you feel is holding you back from living your best life, please take a step toward making a change. You CAN DO THIS. Sometimes that step is absolutely terrifying. But that step might save your life. It could point you in the direction of something better than you ever imagined.

Until Next Time,