I have been going back and forth on whether I wanted to write this or not. Should I alienate people that read my blog that won’t agree with this post?

But I started this blog to talk about things others don’t like to talk about, so here I am writing about school shootings and gun control.

17 CHILDREN were just murdered in Florida. Teenagers had to watch their classmates die in front of them.

Just a few weeks ago, there was a school shooting two hours from my hometown. Two innocent children died. TWO HOURS AWAY.

Yes, I pray for their families. Yes, I pray for their classmates that had to see their friends get murdered.

But what really needs to happen is a change.

I do not care if you are for or against the Second Amendment. I feel like every single human on earth should be against the deaths of innocent children in a place where they are supposed to be safe.

Where does this start? How does a change happen?

The government and our own homes.

I think it should be harder for mentally ill people to obtain guns. I think background checks should be more thorough. I think it should be harder the buy an assault rifle than it is to buy a beer.

In a perfect world, I – as in this is MY OPINION – believe assault rifles should only be used in military situations. But this isn’t a perfect world and I don’t ever see that happening.

So we start with our lawmakers. The people the we VOTED into Office and trust to speak for us in the government.

I was thinking about this the other day and wanted to know where the Kentuckians in Washington, DC stood on the issue and what changes they were planning to introduce. I mean, the Marshall County shooting happened in their home state as well.

So I sent out a tweet. I know, not the most effective way to contact them, but surely Rand Paul and Brett Guthrie have staffers checking their social media accounts.

Disclaimer – I did try to tweet Mitch McConnell as well but I don’t think he has Twitter.

It has been four days and I have not heard back from them.

So I am going to contact their offices. I will call them. I will email them. I will send them this blog post.

Because something has to be done. And I hope they care enough to answer the questions of a concerned citizen.

We can’t just accept that this is the new normal. I refuse to accept that.

My husband is a teacher. So is my mom. I have two little boys that will be in school before I know it.

I know there are drills and children know what to do if there is an active shooter situation.

And that sucks. I wish they didn’t have to know what to do if someone comes into their school with a gun.

Praying for people won’t end the violence.

I also know that new laws won’t get rid of all the violence, but if more thorough background checks can keep one child from dying, I’m all for it.

I wrote this post because action needs to be taken. Our law makers need to do something. And I have a platform that reaches thousands of people every week. So I’m using it to put my word out.

And I encourage each and every one of you to do the same.

Until Next Time,