The name of my blog is Hashtag MomFail. I know what it’s like to think you are the worst parent in the entire world. To honestly doubt whether you are doing this whole parenting thing right.

I had one of those moments this morning – and it resulted in me dropping my four-year-old off at the babysitter’s house with no shoes because I literally carried him to the car kicking and screaming. I apologize to any neighbors that heard this incident occurring, but he refused to wear clothes and I made him get dressed. I know, worst mom ever.

Luckily, Henry and I both had about eight hours to get over this morning’s disaster and we like each other again.

I also know that the minute your three-year-old turns four, they do not immediately turn into an angel. Because Henry has been four for exactly six days and my threenager just turned into a a four-year-old with a bad attitude.. Sorry, mom with a kid that’s about to turn four. You’re outta luck.

But back to the positive light I was about to shed on the world. I was sitting in the living room tonight, just hanging out with the kids. And they were both laughing and smiling and being generally adorable. And I was like, “Wow, my kids are pretty freaking cool. Maybe i’m not doing that bad of a job!”

I know I complain about them and they can really just gnaw at my nerves, but they are pretty fun little monsters sometimes.

Simon is ten months old now. He is freaking adorable. The most laid back, sweet, chill, smiley baby in the world. And I am his favorite person in the world. I mean, that’s pretty cool. When I leave the room, he cries. When he sees me, his face lights up and he claps and kicks his legs. And it’s seriously the best feelong. There is a tiny human that loves me more than anything ever. His little world revolves around me. And I get to help turn into a kind, loving, fun, adorable little person.

Then there is Henry. Yes, he is my wild child but he is so funny. He constantly makes me laugh. He has such a big imagination and he’s very smart and witty. I really do love spending time with the kid. .He keeps a smile on my face – when he’s in a good mood – and always seems to make everyone else smile too. I can’t wait to see what kind of person he turns into – he will continue to be one of a kind.

I’ve always thought the best compliment I ever received was when someone told me I was a breath of fresh air. That has stuck with me for a very long time. I doubt the person that told me that even remembers, but it really stuck with me and meant a lot.

And that is what I want for my kids, I want them to be a breath of fresh air. The type of person that can make others laugh. That can lighten the mood. That can make you feel a little better about life. That you look forward to seeing. That can take your mind off the bad stuff for just a while.

It’s going to take hard work to do that but I have hope that so far my husband and I are doing a pretty good job. And that is the best part of momming.

Until Next Time,