Life as a boy mom is having that sweet baby boy placed in your arms for the first time and immediately falling in love, but also secretly feeling guilty because you think he kind of looks like a potato.

Life as a boy mom is soccer balls and baseballs, but also having to remind them to keep THEIR HANDS OUT OF THEIR PANTS AND OFF THEIR ACTUAL BALLS!

Life as a boy mom is literally chasing a naked baby around the house while sweating and cussing because he doesn’t want to put on his diaper, then getting the best baby snuggles on the couch before bed time.

Life as a boy mom is telling your kids to stop telling fart jokes and saying the word poop constantly, but having your husband fart in front of the kids then laugh out loud.

Life as a boy mom is raising them to be respectable young men, but yelling at them not to yell at you from another room.

Life as a boy mom is feeding them a balanced diet, but letting them have chocolate milk and cold pizza for breakfast because you have to pick your battles.  

Life as a boy mom is letting your kiddos run around naked so they can be potty trained, but then spending 3 hours cleaning the bathroom because they have zero aim.

Life as a boy mom is getting the biggest hugs and I love yous from your five year old at night, but then being kicked in the face at 2 am because someone snuck in your bed.

Life as a boy mom is paying $50 for your son to play youth soccer because he tells you he loves soccer, then watching him roll around on the soccer field in the middle of the game.

Life as a boy mom is having a momma’s boy that follows you from room to room that is just the sweetest little nugget, but sometimes hiding from that momma’s boy in a closet with your brownie brittle and a Mountain Dew because you simply can’t take being touched again.

Life as a boy mom is realizing that changing a boy diaper means you have to cover their little man parts IMMEDIATELY or they will pee right in your face, but forgetting to tell the high school baby sitter this tip.

Life as a boy mom is jumping and running and climbing and scraped knees and muddy puddles and tiny finger prints all over every single door and window and wall in the house.

Life as a boy mom is having to convince every other human that no, you are not trying for a girl, but still sneaking a look at all the cute hair bows when shopping.

Life as a boy mom is spending your night pacing the house while holding a 30-pound toddler because he is sick and will only sleep if you are walking around while holding him, then going to work the next morning looking like shit and staring at your computer screen while chugging coffee and trying to stay awake.

Life as a boy mom is watching your two and five-year old wrestle WWE style but not caring because they are occupied and no blood has been shed. Yet.

Boy Mom

Life as a boy mom is one of the greatest blessings in my life and I wouldn’t change one single thing about it, except maybe that time the newborn projectile pooped onto the wall in his bedroom.

Until Next Time,