I am writing another selfish blog post. A post because I’m at the tip of the mom iceberg. Because I just can’t.

So cliche of me to use that term – just can’t – but it feels like the only way to explain my life at this moment.

I thought about possibly not writing this post at all, because I would sound like all I did was complain. But hey, we all need some time to vent and this is much cheaper than therapy.

And I also thought, you know, there might actually be another mom out there reading this post that just yelled at her 3 year old to GO TO BED for the sixth time and will feel a little better knowing she isn’t the only one.

I feel like lately, when one mess is cleaned up, another one immediately appears. When the baby is crying, the dog decides to vomit on the new area rug. Then my preschooler hits the dog with a foam sword. The dog then backs away from the preschooler and knocks a glass of milk off the table onto the floor. And oh yeah, someone is ringing the doorbell who will have to wait 17 years until my kids move out for me to answer it.

I know, you think i’m overreacting, but have you ever lived with an eight month old, an absolutely insane three year old, a 75 pound black lab, and a husband that is currently the head coach of a high school baseball team so he gets home very late from games every night?

Disclaimer: I love that my husband coaches baseball. He loves it and he is good at it. We normally go to all his games and I let my crazy preschooler run off his energy, but tonight we couldn’t go. I did just get a text they won their game in ten innings!!

Baseball season always makes me a little crazy. I’m usually flying solo and this baseball season in particular has been tough. I had mastered it with one kid. But now that I’ve added another child to our clan, shit’s hit the fan. Not literally. Yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

This time of year, both my kids look really dirty. I swear I give them baths, but dirt just appears out of thin air on them. The dishes don’t get done right away. I let a LOT of things slide but I hate it when there are dirty dishes in the sink. I mean, the dishwasher is 6 inches from the sink. But the good old sink has stayed pretty full lately. With dishes that haven’t even been rinsed.

I like to think of it as survival mode. I only perform the necessary tasks so the house doesn’t burn to the ground. I keep the children alive and enough clothes washed for the week.

And today was the pinnacle of my descent into I just can’t. I worked late, picked the kids up from my mom, realized I had made a mistake about dates my husband and I were supposed to take a trip by ourselves to Chicago which means we have no one to watch our kids, got home and unloaded the kids into the house still in my heels and work dress.

The baby was screaming because it was time for his bottle. My preschooler kicked his rain boots off and starting yelling that he didn’t want to go potty even though I had not even used the word potty. The dog looked at me and barked because it was past due his dinner time.

I made the baby his bottle and fed him while attempting to get the dog his food. I then moved to the couch so I could sit while feeding him. My preschooler announced that he was never using the potty again and started to fake cry. The dog started barking because he finished his dinner and wanted to go outside. The baby started crying because in the mess of it all I took the bottle out his mouth to let my other son know he would have to potty at some point in his life and if it was on my new rug I was not going to be happy.

This continued on and on. And is actually still occurring as I write this. My three year old will not go to bed. He keeps walking into the bedroom to tell me it’s time to go to sleep.

And I just realized that I didn’t even eat dinner tonight. I managed to feed the kids and the dog but fell short when it come to feeding me. And honestly, I’m too tired to go downstairs and even warm something up.

So that’s it. Nothing else. No moral to this story. Just telling you that I just can’t at the moment. Thank you for listening to me vent. I will return to normal after baseball season has ended.

Until Next Time,