Happy First Birthday Hashtag MomFail! I wrote my first post, Why I #MomFail, exactly one year ago today.

What a crazy year this has been. I started this blog with the intention of sharing some funny stories, keeping it really real, and relating to other moms out there that felt the insane pressure to be the perfect parent.

But wow, it has turned into so much more than that. I’ve met so many cool people. I’ve helped a lot of moms through their struggles with parenting, made people laugh and pissed A LOT of people off.

When I said I was going to keep it real, I wasn’t lying. And if you write about something you are passionate about, not everyone will agree with it. It makes me feel good that I made the angry people feel something, even if it encouraged them to write me an email calling me words that even I would censor.

One year ago today, I had no idea what I was doing, why I was actually doing it, or what I was really getting myself into. I jumped into it with this sort of blind faith that everything would fall into place. And somehow it did.

I’ve written fifty posts, have become a contributor or freelance writer for HuffPost Parents, Today Parents, Motherly and Pop Sugar Moms. I’ve had people from the United States, United Kingdom, India, China, Romania, Greece, France, Switzerland and fifty other countries read my posts. How freaking cool is that?

But mostly, I have used this blog as an outlet to write about my life. From pregnancies, to births, to postpartum depression, to the troubles I encounter with my toddler and so much more. Thank you to everyone that has read and encouraged me to keep writing even when I thought about quitting.

So today, I want to put it out there. I want to set a goal. And putting it out into the universe will hold me accountable right?

I am going to continue writing this blog for another year. And another year after that. And one day I want to write a book. Yes, an actual book. That is sold in stores, not just one of those e-books people give away as a free download for signing up for some email list you unsubscribe from six months later when you actually check your email.

Why would anyone read a book by a full-time working mom in Owensboro, KY with two kids, a husband, a large dog and a cute little house on a cul-de-sac? I MEAN, I HAVE MUMS ON MY FRONT PORCH RIGHT NOW! I drive a Chevy with two car seats in the back. I have zero street cred. I’ve never done anything too crazy. I pin motivational quotes on my Pinterest account. My entire first floor is painted greige. I drink protein shakes and watch HGTV. I STILL HAVE UGGS AND YES, I WEAR THEM WITH LEGGINGS! Call me basic, but that shit is comfortable. I CAN proudly say I have never had a pumpkin spice latte. I did participate in the chevron craze of 2014.

Maybe people will want to read a book written by me because I am a – sort of – normal mom that doesn’t sugar coat things. And I am not scared to let people know I have failed at a lot of things.

  • My three year old still isn’t fully potty trained.
  • I stayed in the hospital as long as I could with my newborn because I liked the hospital food and I didn’t have to clean or do laundry.
  • I sent my three year old to the baby sitter while I was on maternity leave.
  • I put the kids to bed early when I want to catch up on DVR.
  • I accidentally let someone else’s cat into my Mom’s house the other day. Sorry Mom, I got the random cat out.
  • I hid this really long book Henry likes to read before bed because it is fifty pages and doesn’t even have a good story line. A gingerbread man could not put out an actual house fire.
  • I told my toddler that if he didn’t let me put his pink eye drops in, his eye balls would probably fall out. That one was kind of mean but I was desperate.
  • I still bribe the shit out of my toddler to get him to do things.
  • I have practically broken every single parenting rule possible.
  • I have cried in the shower because I have felt guilty about not being a great parent.

Obviously my parenting skills have not gotten better over the past year. But all in all, I know i’m a good mom. I love my kids. I feed them, bathe them occasionally and would take a bullet for them. So I will continue to write about my mom fails, in the hope that I can make another mom realize how normal it is to NOT BE PERFECT! So you do you mama, and ignore anyone that tries to make you feel like anything less than the amazing person you are.

Until Next Time,