Mother’s Day is this Sunday. I love that there is a day dedicated to the women that pushed a tiny human out of their bodies or had it surgically removed from their uterus. Then didn’t sleep for months and sometimes years to take care of that little human and try to make sure he or she turned into a respectable human. Then endured years of tantrums over broken bananas and not being able to wear a pirate hat to church.

Can we get two Mother’s Days a year? Or four? How about once a month?

I am currently seven months pregnant. I also have an adorable/absolutely insane little boy that will be three in June. I have had multiple people ask me what I want for Mother’s Day.

If I don’t know them very well, I give the normal answer.

  • I want hugs and kisses from my baby boy.
  • I want to snuggle with him on the couch.
  • I want him to draw a picture of me that I can frame and put on my desk at work.
  • I want to have a beautiful brunch with my family.

If I know the person pretty well, I give them the answer that is more truthful but could also be considered politically correct by someone who knows I am not a very politically correct person.

  • I want hugs and kisses from my baby boy – but only after he has slept past 6 am.
  • I want to snuggle with my baby boy on the couch. Actually snuggle with him and not have him sit on my face or repeatedly jump on my large pregnant belly.
  • While snuggling, I want to watch something on TV that does not have ANY talking animals.
  • I want him to draw a picture of me where there isn’t a huge ball on my stomach because Mommy has a big belly.
  • I want to have a beautiful brunch with my family where everyone tells me what a great mother I am. I want to not look extremely pregnant and swollen. I want to eat fourteen plates of food without anyone giving me the side eye.

Then there is what I truly want for Mother’s Day.

  • I want hugs and kisses from my baby boy after I have had a full night’s sleep plus a bonus nap. Or two.
  • I want to snuggle with my baby boy on the couch while binge watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix and not have him screaming “MICKEY MOUSE MOMMY!” in my ear.
  • I want my toddler to draw a picture of me with a great tan on a beach looking fabulous with flowing locks and abs. And maybe a crown. Or as a beautiful mermaid. Then I will frame it and put it on my desk at work. People will gush over what an amazing artist my toddler is.
  • I want to eat myself into a carb-induced coma at brunch. I want cinnamon rolls and biscuits and gravy. I want to wear leggings and an over-sized hoodie to the table with my hair in a topknot and zero makeup. I want everyone to tell me I’ve never looked better and they can’t even tell i’m carrying a child the size of a basketball in my uterus.
  • I want to be able to see my ankles and wear a cute pair of shoes without my swollen feet spilling over the tops.
  • I want an entire cheesecake to myself that I can eat without my two-year-old sitting on my lap asking for bites every three seconds.
  • I want to wake up with a tan. A real tan, not a fake orange one. I know this is impossible, but a girl can dream.
  • I want to go on a date with my husband. A real date where we can sit and laugh and not worry about anything.
  • I also wouldn’t mind getting new blinds for every window in the house.

Is this too much to ask for? I’m not asking for an all-expenses paid trip to Europe. Just a little peace and quiet with a lot of carbs, snuggles and compliments. Crazy how your idea of the perfect day changes after your own adorable/slightly dysfunctional little family.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. I hope you get everything you wish for. You deserve it!

Until Next Time,